Monday, April 5, 2010

Demise of the artist

More and more the mind
Seeks solace within the head.

It does not yearn to fly again,
With the flock of storks over foggy fields;
Or to hop with monsoon frogs,
From leaf to leaf, across lily ponds.

Quite mysteriously, it has silently succeeded
In forgetting all those pleasures.

Instead, it now remains obsessed
With a corner within the cranium,
Where it has housed itself

Crouched in that dungeon,
Chained down by time,
It sits and works,
Like clockwork.

Perhaps it is too scared to float out:
Some unknown fear engulfs it now,
And it seeks comfort in cages.

It now longs for the assurance
Of meaning, over existence,
For a certitude
In the social orderliness.

Alas, it has got diseased
With this perfect sanity,
And there is nothing I am able to do about it.

Saturday, April 3, 2010


There is a tranquil dragon inside me
And the pain is receding pretty well
The bygone days bring pleasant memoirs
And tomorrow promises a year ahead
Sedated, I stroll serenely along the woods
My hopes are sated and born are desires
Over the meadows as I walk a winter morning
I crush the fresh dew and the dirt clings on me
I immolated myself and left me forlorn
Your malevolent expectations are dead
And along with you buried inside the tomb
But still I grieve beside your grave
Every dawn when I genuflect, I see
The horizon till the eternity screaming
And dry tears paving a path for the smiles.

Thursday, April 1, 2010


On the other side of the morning
Searching for a truth nobody told me
Melancholic memories, emotions estranged
Anxiety, worry, anger, boredom and love
Healing my day, mundane and monotonous
The thorns don’t prick me anymore
Neither do the roses smile at me
I hate to wake up the sun, and the moon too
Celestial pleasure is not what I seek
Neither a jet plane nor a bicycle
Just a bit of rocket science may be
God exists, but only in reincarnated mind and hearts
How the conflagration camouflages the carnage
In this hour’s tiny life blends tomorrow’s uncertainty
And astrology is just an astronomical philosophy.