Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The wheel

/*Inspired by the wheel of power and control*/


She knew those footsteps,
Biting into her ears,
Rattling her frame with fear
Basement, garage, street - Where should she hide?
The footsteps traced all her secret hidings
Her breathing, her shadow, her silence too
She felt an invisible snake around her throat
She smelled vomit, mixed with her sweat and tears
She smelled hunger, she smelled death
A sarcastic laughter echoed in the hallway
Quoting a friend who praised her high cheek bones
She just gave in, for another blow of suspicion
Shattering her defiant silence
Her eyelids drooped in pain
She was a "maid"
She was a "leader"
She was a "muse"
She was an "artist"
She played all the roles,
Trapped in this wheel of craziness
Clinging to a past glory, she couldn't let go.

A friend

/* To someone, who never expects and is always there*/

 I met her on a cold winter night
When tears almost froze to ice
Then she spoke to me of hot chocolate
She never asked a word, never asked for reasons
But I found myself telling it all, giving her the reasons she never asked for
She never made promises, or broke them
Just sent me songs
Songs that resonated with my pain
She was the tug I felt at the end of that rope
That rope hanging in thin air, ready to break any time
And one day, she left
Leaving behind memories of the world that I dream of
No parting tears, no suffocating entitlement
Yet we carry on
In an ever changing virtual world
Talking of a graveyard of stars one day
And time killing word games on another.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


As he parted her legs
And unveiled her "shame"
She knew for sure, she was left with a "sting"

Did she relish the forbidden pleasure bit by bit,
The pleasure of munching a stolen chocolate
Did she not care for the world, just made a note of it in her diary of experiments
Or did her eyes water, with the pain of breaking the sacred glass bowl
Her thoughts struggled like asphyxiated fish
Thoughts that forced motion, from peace to chaos and back
Not resting anywhere or on anyone
She wrote "shame" again and again
On everything
Mirrors, handkerchiefs, walls and even thin air
Tried to erase "shame", from everything, seen and unseen
Yet, she tossed and turned in her bed, sleep left her
And "shame" peeped through her fatigued eyelashes,playing sly games of hide and seek.

Monday, March 11, 2013

In doubt

Lies suffocate,
truth liberates.
A road bifurcates.

Make a choice,
set forth with poise,
don't dawdle on ploys.

Abandon fear and flatter.
Conviction matters
all else is chatter.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

March 5, 2013, On Life

How fragile
How powerful
How insane
How complex
This game
Of shades, of change
Of deceit, of morbidity
It is all chaos
Not a place for zeroes and ones
What is the purpose
What are the outcomes
No one knows
But still you keep rolling the dice
Or someone rolls it for you
Capsules of memories, scattered all over the table
You look at them, get deceived for a minute
Only to move on to a colder, emptier place
Some drink to forget their failure
And some drink to celebrate their victory
And those who stay sober fight for their sanity
The party goes on past midnight
Everyone feels incomplete, craving for something that was not theirs
Yet, they hold on to their losing stakes, hoping that this game will fill their emptiness
And play it till their last breath
Bodhisatwa Sadhu