Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Dunes by Nick Drake

Your heart is more complicated
than the coastline of Norway;
but then you decide to describe
a place you had forgotten
until this moment, a secret beach
discovered by luck or chance,
the long curved shore exactly answering
to the description of the waves,
a far echo of Atlantic ultramarine, salt and glitter
returning home at last
just as you say: There we could be
nudists nesting in a sand dune's heat and hush
of two freak waves in step
that cancel each other out
as if sea stood still and listened
for one strange moment
to the truth;
afterwards, on tide-ribbed sand we'd find
six eggs unbroken in a box,
a cornelian the colour of light,
and a milk-carton from Quebec.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Windy Dreams

One stormy night she came knocking on my door

I flew the door open and was taken into a trance:

She rolled out a carpet and vanished into a spell

Hell broke loose, she mesmerized the gale

Round and round she whirled,

Swirling, swishing, sparkling magic!

He lit a match in the rear, she burnt into a tear

He hit a thunderous cloud, she hushed behind a shroud

She sobbed, she chanted, she hearkened to my silent guard

She twisted and turned, she whined till her whimpers waned

She blew on my face n' played with my hair

She kissed on my cheek n' tiptoed into the air

Oh I love her! I love her!

When she bursts with gusto

Alighting on my guise, like shards of ice

How I love her! Oh I do!

As she tempts me to life

Flashing her lashes in the tryst with time!
(May 7, 2008..inspired by a rain storm in Pilani)