Friday, February 14, 2014

On crazy, stupid love

Tweet us, “you are excited about crazy,stupid love”,they said
And you get that water bottle or car charger
I smiled and walked way, munching a free candy
And I was not, excited
I was, then, when she wrote about 
The love that was blue, the love of the sky
Stretching out of bounds,
She felt smug as, she chose the right word
And penned “into the ‘realm’ of your arms, O beloved’
We wrote his poem, riding over the moon and the stars
In markers , with pretty pictures, on the lawn
I wore green, with hope 
And as we sat in green ,
He read, that he met her at the temple
We had a sheet, marked with snippets on love
Not crazy, or stupid 
And we thought we knew it all
That day was special.