Saturday, June 30, 2012

(every line is related to the line above it like a closed chain of events in the space of thoughts.....)

Axions flinging

the axioms,


laughter filling

heaven's oceans...



... Time

Waiting for everyone



guitar without

a string

theory of




minds, Superminds

dancing with The


= human

race is colour blind

As if a curse

Can cure a blind

If you show him

the light,

through the windows,

From the stars

Watching our


Brain's kaleidoscope...

inside gray...

And white matter...

Saturday, June 9, 2012


The purple haze of your feminity
And the white of your sublime thoughts
Do they let you shine through the darkness
Or unveil the blue of your heart, carefully guarded from the blazing sun?
The moon is mystic, quietly reflecting your innermost throbs or vagaries
The gemstones that leave your lips, do they hurt them or polish them?
Will they turn into forgotten pebbles of time or jewels that grace a new dawn?
We wonder..
And we move on, to catch a glimpse of Seattle’s skyline
Suddenly life is nothing but a cascade of colors
You dissolve into them.

Monday, June 4, 2012

The Berlin Rain

Of my first impressions on Berlin...

The neon lights shined on
lighting up the streets of Berlin,
The cold breeze hit my face, but your raindrops
felt like gentle pecks on my skin

Walking on that rusted & wired bridge
towards the old station to catch a train
I turned to my friend and spoke to him
of my thoughts on the Berlin rain

Oh Berlin rain!

Why did you feel like my own
and yet were not mine,
Why did you drench me and run away
only so I'd find solace in a bottle of wine?

So I did drink with gusto that night
laughing and losing behind your pain
Yet you trickled down through my hair
reminding me of your whispers again

I stood by the window, still with my glass
Dim outide, your droplets were on the sill;
I had taken shelter at last, but I missed you
and I wished for another heart for you to fill.