Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Our story

Beyond the maple mountains,
beyond the salmon rivers,
we found each other.
But how did Tagore know?
That was our question.

That is how the hills turned purple,
maybe only for the night,
maybe only for the moon,
then behind the Earth, in hiding
like a dark hole in summer.

There our rabbits ran,
and the grass was green,
on treetops made of maple syrup.

And honeybees sang to the river,
flowing into clouds,
above steel bridges.
Their hooves were cast iron,
and dug into the riverbed.
Around them, the fish swam,
with emerald ribbons.

You only smile.
But then, don't you believe those squirrels,
with tails like scarves?
And don't you believe our night on the meadow,
looking at the twinkling of eyes
in the night sky?

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


On a sunkissed rooftop near the seas
shrouded in sensuous smells of the breeze
amidst coconut palms and drumstick trees
and holy chants and gardens of peace
she paces longing for times to come.

Under inky diamond-studded skies
upon a hill where no eye pries
she writes furiously, a poet in disguise,
of structures and laws of manifold whys
and smiles at memories of times gone by.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

(every line is related to the line above it like a closed chain of events in the space of thoughts.....)

Axions flinging

the axioms,


laughter filling

heaven's oceans...



... Time

Waiting for everyone



guitar without

a string

theory of




minds, Superminds

dancing with The


= human

race is colour blind

As if a curse

Can cure a blind

If you show him

the light,

through the windows,

From the stars

Watching our


Brain's kaleidoscope...

inside gray...

And white matter...

Saturday, June 9, 2012


The purple haze of your feminity
And the white of your sublime thoughts
Do they let you shine through the darkness
Or unveil the blue of your heart, carefully guarded from the blazing sun?
The moon is mystic, quietly reflecting your innermost throbs or vagaries
The gemstones that leave your lips, do they hurt them or polish them?
Will they turn into forgotten pebbles of time or jewels that grace a new dawn?
We wonder..
And we move on, to catch a glimpse of Seattle’s skyline
Suddenly life is nothing but a cascade of colors
You dissolve into them.

Monday, June 4, 2012

The Berlin Rain

Of my first impressions on Berlin...

The neon lights shined on
lighting up the streets of Berlin,
The cold breeze hit my face, but your raindrops
felt like gentle pecks on my skin

Walking on that rusted & wired bridge
towards the old station to catch a train
I turned to my friend and spoke to him
of my thoughts on the Berlin rain

Oh Berlin rain!

Why did you feel like my own
and yet were not mine,
Why did you drench me and run away
only so I'd find solace in a bottle of wine?

So I did drink with gusto that night
laughing and losing behind your pain
Yet you trickled down through my hair
reminding me of your whispers again

I stood by the window, still with my glass
Dim outide, your droplets were on the sill;
I had taken shelter at last, but I missed you
and I wished for another heart for you to fill.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Mornings with sunshine

I have woken up from an old dream
And I look around...
There is nothing cryptic
Just variegated leaves of summer
The young bustle of pale greens and deep reds
A tint of musk in the winds
Peppy sun glasses and long walks
Celebrations - some that last a day, some that last longer
As long as the sunshine lasts
I lose and find myself here
Sometimes in coffee shops
Sometimes on park benches
I think calmly with no more undertones of fear.

Sunday, March 11, 2012


Dense with the perfume of daffodils
The spring breeze is here
Inflating my hollow curtains
And waking up the snoozy buds
An impatient wait for another carnival of gregarious flowers
Those walks in the woods with her seem so near now
It was much quieter, much colder
But we were too brisk for the cold and the quiet
We rambled on..
Stroking the blossoms and searching for their shades in the sky
We were lured by the charm of our silence, when the sun went down.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Another evening with her

She shines through my unpolished gait,

As I strive to grow closer to her.

High above the neon streams,

And the smugness of skyscrapers,

Surrounded by puffs of wayward clouds,

She shines on;

Splashing her silvery spell,

On these sleepy grounds.

I turn to walk away,

Forlorn and helpless,

But down she settles now;

A patch of white tousled by ripples of blue.

I hold her in my palms,

And see my smile in her eyes,

A sneaky twinkle that just fades away

She deceives me again.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


My imagination has taken a ride of fancy,
through mountains and plains and rows of pansy
creating plans, mad and chancy,
that would leave a saner person all antsy!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Loners

Hidden to all but a chosen few,
patches of truth make up whose view.
In conversations and musings they seek
elusive hints to the heart's till.
Why play hide and seek?
For fear or for thrill?

Monday, January 30, 2012

The story of an umbrella lost in the wind

I was always a bunch of lost thoughts ,young and baffled thoughts

But she was serene and calm

We surveyed those countless specks

That night a stretch of blue

The desert winds ruffling our words

"Isn't this a marvel? "

I manage to speak:"The lights change from day to night, as perfectly as they should

What with all our cares and burdens today

As we lie here on the grass

Only this piece of earth is real

Our little worries will race past us

Every prayer shall be answered, every wish shall come true!"

She listened and just listened

Seeing stars beyond my sight.

One of my sojourns was hers too

She was wistful, she was deep

In her dreams,such lofty dreams

She yearned for a treasure

That treasure the world has long lost

Maybe scraps of it was thrown in a sunrise

Or in the smell of books

Maybe the spring breeze knows that route

Or it is the lone tree's secret

Peace bloomed when we mused

But it was a brief while

And it was never enough.

Sometimes a lake, sometimes a sea

Sometimes a flute, sometimes a poet's whim

Sometimes the laws of nature

And sometimes the warmth of coffee

She has been it all and I know her for long

As we chased trails rough and obscure

Her hands never left mine.

Now I am just an umbrella..speckled and checkered

Drifting in the wind

Above pacific waters

Singing of eos and eventide

I know I am a vagrant on the mountains

Shielding myself with these old paintings.

Through rain and through sunshine

I become some traveller's shade for a blink

Only to move farther away

To the unknown.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sparks of You

I left the world behind to be with you awhile

To feel the blue of your eyes,

The red of your lips,

and the flowing yellow of your hair.

As you sing of a young rivulet's journey to the sea,

I see you in the countless lights of the sky

Your blue eyes shining with kohl.

A cold and distant bridge looms between us;

You reign in those mighty worlds beyond my reach

Yet, I long to clasp you in an embrace and be the light of a thousand stars.