Friday, December 31, 2010

Monsoon Rain and Mother Earth

Drops of rain kissed the longing earth,
Sweet smells rose from his mate’s soft breath,
Fragrance it filled the air millions worth,
When frogs sang their anthem in mirth.

The bride draped in misty clouds,
Walked the aisle amidst the crowds.
Fireworks lit up the sky, bright and loud,
When knots were tied with her head bowed.

Horn-bills greeted the newly weds with hoots,
Bamboo shoots whistled like dreamy flutes.
Peacocks danced their thousand eyes en-route,
Under the arched rainbows to the green honeymoon suite.

Drip, Drip, Drip,
More rains seeped the soil strip.
The land can take no more a bit,
Her body drowned in a deep pit.

Torn is her role between the mother and mate,
Tied to a perplexed fate.
To break the knots of a nuptial conjugate
Or to put her children at stake?

The wandering wind ferried the rain away,
When peeped on the land the golden ray.
Once more a bride she became,
When her hands held the golden bouquet!

~ Trilok ~