Friday, April 22, 2011


Silence, no words spoken, no glares exchanged,
Muted, the two souls lie
detached and departed

There is an inkling to mend the path again,
hold hands, go for a walk in the moonlit night
but for the want of who speaks first,
between the two yearnings, remains silence

Period...... till the silence remains

Friday, April 1, 2011

Afraid of Fear

A passive spirit,
Years of inaction,
No fire, no faith, no crises.
No new reasons for hatred.

A second battle is imminent,
With the crippling fear.
"It was not my fault!",
But now it is.

No more do the words flow.
No more does the mind think.
The heart sees not reason.
No more do the eyes blink.

The incapacitating lack of pain wonders:
Will that darkness always be the force?


Sorry folks. random ramblings are all that come out of my pen (always in boring meetings; same with this one above, today, hehe). Not a poet really, me! Until now, all such rubbish had been dumped in my journal. Blame Bodhi da for inviting me here :)

A warm hello to all!