Monday, January 30, 2012

The story of an umbrella lost in the wind

I was always a bunch of lost thoughts ,young and baffled thoughts

But she was serene and calm

We surveyed those countless specks

That night a stretch of blue

The desert winds ruffling our words

"Isn't this a marvel? "

I manage to speak:"The lights change from day to night, as perfectly as they should

What with all our cares and burdens today

As we lie here on the grass

Only this piece of earth is real

Our little worries will race past us

Every prayer shall be answered, every wish shall come true!"

She listened and just listened

Seeing stars beyond my sight.

One of my sojourns was hers too

She was wistful, she was deep

In her dreams,such lofty dreams

She yearned for a treasure

That treasure the world has long lost

Maybe scraps of it was thrown in a sunrise

Or in the smell of books

Maybe the spring breeze knows that route

Or it is the lone tree's secret

Peace bloomed when we mused

But it was a brief while

And it was never enough.

Sometimes a lake, sometimes a sea

Sometimes a flute, sometimes a poet's whim

Sometimes the laws of nature

And sometimes the warmth of coffee

She has been it all and I know her for long

As we chased trails rough and obscure

Her hands never left mine.

Now I am just an umbrella..speckled and checkered

Drifting in the wind

Above pacific waters

Singing of eos and eventide

I know I am a vagrant on the mountains

Shielding myself with these old paintings.

Through rain and through sunshine

I become some traveller's shade for a blink

Only to move farther away

To the unknown.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sparks of You

I left the world behind to be with you awhile

To feel the blue of your eyes,

The red of your lips,

and the flowing yellow of your hair.

As you sing of a young rivulet's journey to the sea,

I see you in the countless lights of the sky

Your blue eyes shining with kohl.

A cold and distant bridge looms between us;

You reign in those mighty worlds beyond my reach

Yet, I long to clasp you in an embrace and be the light of a thousand stars.