Thursday, October 21, 2010


The dust. On the Path.
Traversed many a times
Over past eons.
The sun shines overhead.
Sometimes, the moon smiles.
And on dark days and cold nights
The rain lashes on pedestrians
And the Road.

I walk the Road now.
It's scarred bosom- the ravages of time
Tell of days passed by- centuries, millenia
My journey so significant, so insignificant
Is there any rhyme or reason to this universe?
A few people walk around me. Their company
give delusions of purpose. Makes me want to go on.
My friends. Brothers.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Dewdrops on grass

Winter and dawn.
And a droplet of dew,
Onto a rugged blade of grass.

Naive, I exclaim,
"How lovely the droplet.
How rugged the blade of grass."

You smile,
"Every drop of morning dew
Needs her grass to settle down,
And every weathered grass aspires
A moistened jewel in his crown.

Behold the lovely pair."