Thursday, December 18, 2014


Looking into mirror coal
It ain't cold, it ain't bold…
I let my sadness
Tie my harness
An' I enchanted my world,
To madness.

Some are told
As they grow old,
To keep fighting on
'tween the right an' wron.

Off the wall
When shoulders stall
Rely on the good
Deny tempting food…' somber on 
In slow motion...
It's not the goal
What you'do'define'you
And we are back to
The Mirror and
Back to the Coal.

But the mirror
Its cracked
And the coal
Is burning
An' as I close I
Hear in my head
Morality's hammer pounding.

Cheap cigarettes in bus stations,
Bottled liquor to kill sensations.
Being zen in desperate situations.
Smiling back at fake adulations.

Finite life in infinite cage
Connected people all together age.
Writing this song from the brain to the page
Peace n' love guarantees safe passage.

For you to be obscure
Only finding blue in vibgyor.
An' the colorless fool
Thinks to be blue is to be cool...
An' at this point all you can manage
A satirical smile painted on your visage,
Thinking yourself the harvest of a savage.

Leave that smile on the mirror,
Let it crack, and let it disappear.
Solve the glassy jigsaw in whole,
Go beyond the image of the coal.

To its hidden warmth let yourself sway
And you will find
The peace of mind
Forever with you to stay.