Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Valentine's Day

Another dry day in Pilani.
Another dawn, shrouded
By the misty moist.
It is still dark.
And all are asleep. Only I sit,
Gazing blankly at a moon
That belonged to some other dawn.
The sun isn't up yet,
It all seems familiar,
Yet, not quite.

I am unmindfully wondering,
Of someone sitting far away,
Maybe thinking, maybe not,
Maybe just blissfully asleep,
Maybe planning to spend the day
With someone;
Awake with excitement.
It isn't a pleasant thought.
How strange!

Today seems so empty,
All around seems a void,
Seemingly having cleared space
And waiting for someone.

I haven't been cured yet.
Maybe I’m just incurable,
Yet it's not the same.
Maybe I have just grown up.
The same excitement hasn't remained, just
The moist joy
Of gazing blankly at the morning moon.
Feb, 2006


  1. I love the first few lines of the last para. Dont remember having read this earlier. Good one!
    Btw, since when did Valentine's Day become a 'dry day'? :-P

  2. I liked the usage of the moon belonging to some other dawn...