Sunday, July 17, 2011


oh bloody humans,
you evolving cowards
you have greed
yet you have quest
juxtaposing elements, you
still evolve.
A self-destructive maniac
in a time scale of perturbing eternity
you bloody scoundrels,
liars, sinners and hypocrites
personas of your true persons
you breathe yet you lie
you calculate yet you love
born and then die.


  1. Well-written, and very interesting; liked it. Some phrases are quite haunting. What's with the single capitalization though?

  2. Thank you. The 'A' here is like 'I' or the '1', singled out, nurturing a feeling of self-importance. He/she is engulfed in lonliness all around, which he/she cannot come to terms with, hence keeps wearing the mask.