Tuesday, March 5, 2013

March 5, 2013, On Life

How fragile
How powerful
How insane
How complex
This game
Of shades, of change
Of deceit, of morbidity
It is all chaos
Not a place for zeroes and ones
What is the purpose
What are the outcomes
No one knows
But still you keep rolling the dice
Or someone rolls it for you
Capsules of memories, scattered all over the table
You look at them, get deceived for a minute
Only to move on to a colder, emptier place
Some drink to forget their failure
And some drink to celebrate their victory
And those who stay sober fight for their sanity
The party goes on past midnight
Everyone feels incomplete, craving for something that was not theirs
Yet, they hold on to their losing stakes, hoping that this game will fill their emptiness
And play it till their last breath
Bodhisatwa Sadhu

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