Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The wheel

/*Inspired by the wheel of power and control*/


She knew those footsteps,
Biting into her ears,
Rattling her frame with fear
Basement, garage, street - Where should she hide?
The footsteps traced all her secret hidings
Her breathing, her shadow, her silence too
She felt an invisible snake around her throat
She smelled vomit, mixed with her sweat and tears
She smelled hunger, she smelled death
A sarcastic laughter echoed in the hallway
Quoting a friend who praised her high cheek bones
She just gave in, for another blow of suspicion
Shattering her defiant silence
Her eyelids drooped in pain
She was a "maid"
She was a "leader"
She was a "muse"
She was an "artist"
She played all the roles,
Trapped in this wheel of craziness
Clinging to a past glory, she couldn't let go.

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