Wednesday, March 13, 2013


As he parted her legs
And unveiled her "shame"
She knew for sure, she was left with a "sting"

Did she relish the forbidden pleasure bit by bit,
The pleasure of munching a stolen chocolate
Did she not care for the world, just made a note of it in her diary of experiments
Or did her eyes water, with the pain of breaking the sacred glass bowl
Her thoughts struggled like asphyxiated fish
Thoughts that forced motion, from peace to chaos and back
Not resting anywhere or on anyone
She wrote "shame" again and again
On everything
Mirrors, handkerchiefs, walls and even thin air
Tried to erase "shame", from everything, seen and unseen
Yet, she tossed and turned in her bed, sleep left her
And "shame" peeped through her fatigued eyelashes,playing sly games of hide and seek.

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